Hanging out at the Sculpture Park with Andi {Senior Session Sneak Peek}

One of the joys of taking senior portraits is meeting and getting to know these teenagers who are about to step out into the world. It’s such an exciting time.  So it was lovely to meet Andi and hear about her post high school plans. Andi’s been busy at her high school involved in student government, clubs and playing for the Varsity soccer team. Now she’s getting those college applications ready to go!

We met at the Olympic Sculpture Park and fortunately the rain held off and we did get some sunshine before a cloud or two rolled in. Andi’s mum came with us and we were able to walk around the park and get to know each other a little better.


I love these chairs and the Alexander Calder sculpture behind it. Usually they are a vivid red-orange in color. Obviously I need to figure out why the colors are so muted in my blog post! But I digress…

Andi, here is your sneek peak and it was such a pleasure to meet you and your mum!

Taking an Opportunity

So this was a thrill.

 Click on this link to see how I spent a few hours one afternoon with the fabulous Me Ra Koh! 





Erin’s Sneak Peek {Seattle Senior Portrait}

Erin wanted that gorgeous golden sunshine that happens in the evening. And we headed out to Seattle’s Discovery Park to see what we could find.  Alas this evening the sun played hide-and-seek… popping behind the clouds more than we would have liked.  But I have to say with a smile like Erin’s who needs the sun!




I’ve known Erin since she was a little girl. Now she’s all grown up and gorgeous!


A Sunday Drive with H & A {Seattle Family Photographer}


So finally the sun makes an appearance around these parts. Last Sunday I was able to get out to Seattle’s Volunteer Park with H & A and their mum and dad.  Here is a quick sneak peek for mum and dad. I imagine the Sunday Drive conversation between these two might go a little like this:

A: So are you going to fill the tank or not?

H: Wow, have you seen the price of gas these days?

A:  Well it’s a good job this baby is a hybrid! Can you check the oil while you’re at it?

More to come soon!



I remember before baby #3 entered the world, thinking that it would be nice to have a quiet child. My girls didn’t sit still much and they still don’t. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a child that liked to paint, play music, sit quietly and construct elaborate cities with legos.

 Oh, but what fun is that? This boy is all about basketball, soccer, tag, scaling the nearest fence (i weally won’t get hurt mom) or leaping off walls. He’s full of bumps and bruises. Seriously not a day goes by when he doesn’t have to kick a soccer ball (for hours!) or shoot some baskets. And while our back garden isn’t the greatest for these activities we are fortunate that Seattle has so many parks that we can walk to.

Another New Beginning! Another Sneak Peek!

Meet my beautiful friend Ruth. We were a steadfast force against evil when we worked together as producers in a local television newsroom. Or were we the evil ones who plotted against another producer who sat across from us?  Who knows. All I know is that Ruth made me laugh. And that made my workdays all the more bearable. Ruth is low key, but full of surprises. She’s got an amazing story to tell and I hope she does tell it one day. Neither of us are in that newsroom anymore, in fact she’s started a new career this week. Woot woot! Congrats Ruth. Plus she’s written a book! So here is a sneak peek of your head shot Ruth.

{love} New Beginnings Sneak Peek

I love new beginnings. This weekend I was lucky enough photograph the cutest of couples as they shared the start of their new beginnings with a delighted crowd. The party was on a beautiful houseboat. Lianna and Matt were surrounded by beautiful family members and friends, all overjoyed by the good news. You know all is well when the clouds part and the blue skies peek through just long enough to get some images on top of a houseboat looking out onto Lake Union and Gasworks Park. Congratulations Lianna and Matt.

{babies} Meet Baby P

I haven’t yet shared these photographs of sweet Baby P. She entered the world just a few days before Christmas. I had the chance to photograph her a little more than four weeks after she was born. I love being able to focus on those details that change so quickly in those first few months. My favorite image is the one of her voicing her objection to being moved, undressed, bundled up just so I could get that perfect shot. Such a sweet little cherub.






















































Watching and wondering



All I can think about these past few days, all most anyone can think about, is the ever-growing crisis in Japan.  I’ve been watching and reading since late Thursday night when the earthquake first happened. Then came the tsunamis and now it’s a nuclear crisis. There’s nothing much I can write or say that hasn’t been said.  The images and video coming out of the devastated country are astounding, and it’s still hard to totally comprehend the enormity of  what is going on there. 

So I’ve been watching and wondering and feeling a little helpless.

 Karen Walrond, aka, Chookoolonks, has put together a pretty comprehensive list of places to donate or get more information at her blog: http://www.chookooloonks.com/the-beauty-of-different/2011/3/11/the-earthquake-in-japan-how-to-help.html  (plus her photographs and words are truly inspirational)

Locally a group of cultural, educational and civic organizations have banded together to create Seattle Japan Relief, http://seattlejapanrelief.com/ The plan to help not only in the immediate future, but in the long term relief efforts as well.

And if you find more places to contribute, post them on FB or your twitter feed. Thanks to social networks and technology the world is a much smaller place. And remember to hug your kids, your siblings, your parents, your friends, your dogs or cats or other animal friends a lot more these days.

Time to blog again


Welcome to my new home. I’m still not settled and still have a lot to get sorted. But I’ve been working on this new website for a bit and figured I’d best get something up and going. It’s March already ‘fer cryin’ out loud’.

And while I haven’t been posting much, I have been taking photographs, lots of them. I’m playing catch up with my 365 day project, where I’m supposed to be taking a photograph a day. I’ll admit that I’ve missed a few days here and there… but I am having fun with it. I post them on my Facebook photography page, but I think I might start posting a round up here too.

Last week was midwinter break for our kids … so we decided to pack up the kids and the dog… and head over the mountains to Eastern Washington and Idaho. It was a part ski-part college visit-part work trip. We had fun. Saw a lot of snow.

 O skied for the first time and no doubt will soon be out-skiing me. The other two already do (put it this way, I fell on my rear before I had even put my skis on). Got a little teary-eyed on the college tour…I’m so not ready for that part our lives. Our pup got to have fun in the snow with us. And amazingly enough the kids put up being crammed into the back of my little red wagon for six and seven hours on the road.

Now I’m ready for a cross-country excursion.