My Story

 Ten Things:

1. I have three kids, a husband and a dog. We are (well not the dog) currently touring and looking at colleges, high schools and kindergartens. That gives you an idea of the kids’ age range. It makes my head spin sometimes.

2. I was born in England, moved to the States when I was 13. Moved to Georgia actually. The first day I went to school I paired a skirt with knee socks (possibly yellow ones). I think that, plus the fact that I spoke a little strangely made me an easy target.

3. My father was born in Gibraltar. That makes me a Giblet.

4. We live in a house in Seattle that we moved to it’s current location. It’s a 100 year old craftsman, and would have been torn down. So yes, we live in a mobile home.

5. I used to be a television news producer.

6. (I know I’m only up to six but now  the dog is barking, the four year old wants dinner, soccer carpool awaits and the laundry is piled high, did I mention that, most days, life is like a three-ringed circus around here?)